The MEHIP Advantage
Convenience and Ease of Administration
Consolidated Enrollment and Billing: One of the advantages of the Municipal Employees Health Insurance Program is the administrative simplicity of consolidated billing. You may offer your employees a choice of different health carriers and plans but receive only one billing statement each month.
COBRA Administration and Billing: Another advantage of MEHIP is complete COBRA and HIPAA administration at no additional cost to the employer. COBRA participants will be removed from your monthly billing statement and billed directly.
Easy Employee Enrollment: Once you have decided to enroll in the Program, your broker and a MEHIP representative will coordinate employee benefit presentations/enrollment meetings at your convenience. We will explain the program's features and options, answer all benefit questions and provide appropriate materials to the employees including plan descriptions and network information.
Employer Manual: To assist you in administering the program, we will provide an Employer Manual that will outline procedures concerning enrollment, cancellations, COBRA and other administrative services.
Employee Choice of Network Health Plans
Promoting Competition through Employee Choice: The Municipal Employees Health Insurance Program is based on the managed competition approach to health insurance purchasing. This unique concept provides a choice of network health plans at the employee level. Additional employee choices incite the insurance carriers to provide competitive rates. Whether an entity has 2, 200 or 2,000 employees, each employee may choose the network health plan that is best for him or her.
Opportunity to Choose Network and Physician: Anthem’s Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) is through their Century Preferred network. Anthem’s Point-of-Enrollment (POE) and Point of Service (POS) plans are through their BlueCare network. Oxford has one provider network applicable to both Point-of-Enrollment (POE) and Point-of-Service (POS) plans, the Freedom Network.
Opportunity to Choose a Health Savings Account: Your employer may select an HSA to offer employees a savings option under MEHIP. In this case, only one carrier will be used for all options offered to eligible employees. Note, high deductible plans are not available to municipal clients through MEHIP.
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